How to Build and not Destroy


The inauguration address was spectacularly necessary – step 1.2 . What can I do next? step 0.1. I need to catch up. 

“How to Hold On” – a sentiment appropriate for the long stretch between election day and yesterday – a foothold for a time to come perhaps – But something new – I’m reminded of something old – Remember – “To Build”.  Builders making a living by building – DIYers making a dream with materials and imagination. And builders of excess – exploiting land and incomes – Builders destroying when looking away – Condos and “predatory lenders” – What’s in the middle? […long pause filled with suggestions…or maybe the answer is simpler than that (though just as far-reaching)… Us]…. How well does the micro reflect the macro? [no pause] Is there a grand unified theory? Abstract versus Particular – Do they share the same sense of gravity?  

Not what I intended to write – maybe they carry their own – I’ll let it go.


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  • richtards  On February 2, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    you’re building me a headache…[pause] I think the most difficult part of survival of the fittest is the mounds of apathetic crushed egos that pollute the environment of those that “Keep up the good fight.” [no pause]

    poot… [pause]

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